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China is well-known for its adamant opposition to the usage of bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining. The country, once a Bitcoin mining behemoth, is now cracking down on the cryptocurrency by seizing equipment and raising electricity rates.

Last year, the government declared a total ban on cryptocurrency mining, citing environmental concerns. According to multiple regions, authorities in China have confiscated over 3600 BTC mining machines.

Illegal Bitcoin miners have difficulties in China

Guangdong, Heilongjiang, and Shanxi provinces in China have announced tough measures against BTC miners to enforce a comprehensive ban.

Dongguan, a city in Guangdong province, claimed that its administration had carried out around 6,050 inspections in mid-March. So far, 2,957 pieces of mining equipment have been confiscated from 24 organized mining dens and 35 individual mining farms.

A combined team check-in in Yunfu, another city in Guangdong province, resulted in the confiscation of 554 mining equipment. According to a report, the mine was set up in a stationery manufacturing facility.

According to Heilongjiang province, many home garages are being utilized to mine Bitcoin. Officials confiscated more than 60 rigs and detected unlawful energy theft worth more than 300,000 yuan (about $47,000). According to accounts, these Bitcoin mining facilities were managed by a criminal organization that stole electricity to fuel them.

Shanxi province has announced a 1 yuan ($0.16) per kilowatt rise in power costs to combat crypto mining farms. On May 10th, this action will take effect.

The province of Sichuan has launched its NFT marketplace

NFTs, also known as digital collectibles in China, are one of the country’s last surviving linkages to cryptocurrencies. The collectibles are so popular in China that official agencies like the state-run news agency Xinhua have issued them.

China’s Sichuan province just established its NFT marketplace. According to reports, the province’s culture and tourist administration have created a digital asset trading platform to aid in the growth of the province’s music industry. According to the government, a few music businesses adopt blockchain technology to protect their copyright.

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