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Chinese police have caught small miners among Internet cafe owners, game room operators, and those who mine cryptocurrencies at home using a home card.

Numerous Internet cafés are quite popular in China, as well as throughout East Asia, where users can play games while paying for a computer by the hour. High-performance personal computers with strong video cards and high-speed processors are common in such venues.

During the quarantine, such businesses were shuttered, and their proprietors turned to mine. BTC, ETH, and other altcoins are the most often mined currencies. Even after China’s formal ban on cryptocurrency mining, many continued to mine. As a result, the police want to track down anyone illegally extracting cryptocurrency.

Inspections of Internet cafe equipment are being conducted out all around the country. Law enforcement agencies are seeking computer mining software. The discovered equipment is seized.

Authorities also keep an eye on broadband Internet connections to see whether there are any home-based cryptocurrency miners. Internet service providers should disconnect them from the network if such individuals are discovered. It’s also a good idea for service providers to restrict mining pool websites.

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