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Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and IOG, announces new ideas for the company’s expansion in 2022. He explained the intentions in a 30-minute YouTube video from his home in Colorado. He also stated that a formal structure for open-source projects would be established.

Cardano’s value has increased by 8% in the last 24 hours and 25% in the last seven days. Cardano’s price shifted in response to information about the company’s new strategy.

Furthermore, Cardano was launched in 2015 and has evolved into a viable competitor to Ethereum. It uses its local currency, ADA, to handle transactions for its clients. It’s also known for being one of the most popular bitcoin networks.

Two upgrades from IOHK, the crypto project’s development team, were welcomed by Cardano users.

In his video, Hoskinson says,

My goal for the second half of 2022 is to figure out how to put all the pieces together to get an end-to-end microfinance transaction on Cardano.

He also stated that over 15 firms are now working on Cardano all across the world. The company also hopes to expand the number of businesses it collaborates with.

Furthermore, states and institutions across the country will be able to collaborate and collaborate on commercial projects in the future.

IOHK also produced a page outlining how people can introduce ADA to their friends and family, in addition to the video lecture. The essay says that Cardano is focused on decentralized finance, or DeFi, and refers to it as “Realfi.”

For users to access finance, the corporation can provide them with a digital identity. Real dedicated users can also make use of Realfi’s value and opportunities. Compared to Bitcoin’s proof-of-work usage, the post also reveals that the network consumes a negligible amount of energy. When Elon Musk questioned the BTC network’s energy use, IOHK labeled the business currency “the greenest coin.” According to the development team, Cardano is a green blockchain because it generates new blocks with significantly less energy than the Ethereum or Bitcoin networks.

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