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Is Cardano a little too slow?

As a result of the Alonzo hard fork, the Cardano network got a plethora of new functionality, particularly with the adoption of smart contracts. While the network’s community has been largely happy about the improvements, the ‘delay’ in deployment dates has been scolded.

Consider dApps, which, according to a popular Reddit thread, were supposed to start on Cardano within weeks of the hard fork.

The process appears to be well advanced, with the recent launch of the Plutus Application Backend [PAB], an off-chain backend service for managing and handling the requirements of dApps throughout their lifecycle.

Hoskinson’s viewpoint

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has offered an overview of how the community should “manage expectations” regarding decentralized application development and security. He stated, “In terms of their release,”

“Cardano dapps are under construction and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in the market very soon like within weeks to months.”

According to Hoskinson, creating “high assurance” software with minimal risks and flaws can be costly and time-consuming. This is why the market considers Cardano to be “very lethargic.”

Given what’s at stake and how much money is at stake, he continues, he believes every initiative should move as swiftly as feasible. He reminds everyone that due to bad dApp design and insider vulnerabilities, $10.5 billion has been lost or stolen this year.

Because of technology breakthroughs and human error, some of the dApps deployed on Cardano will surely be false, according to IOHK’s CEO. In truth, Hoskinson placed the burden of proofing dApps squarely on the developers’ shoulders.

Aside from that, the engineer stressed the need for community members to ask essential background and developmental questions. To avoid “back door existence” and security breaches, these should encompass both the programs and their developers, as well as rewards and incentives for auditing, oversight, and curation of dApps.

Cardano increased its block size by 12.5 percent earlier this week to scale the network and increase transaction speeds and data throughput in anticipation of a rise in demand. This move could be in preparation for installing decentralized applications (dApps), which are expected to increase blockchain adoption.

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