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The bitcoin economy is in upheaval, making it increasingly difficult to forecast what will happen next. Ethereum is currently trading at $3.2k, while Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, is currently trading at $42k, attempting to forecast a continued rise. However, overall negative pressure rapidly increases, signaling a probable dip in the coming days.

Cardano is one of the cryptos most likely to disrupt the cryptocurrency market in 2022. Cardano has seen a lot of activity recently, and it’s set to be one of the most important projects in 2022.

Cardano appears to be in a good place, but breaking through the $1.5 barrier will require a lot of bullish momentum and strong buying pressure. On the other hand, the price of ADA is projected to rise modestly this week as market sentiment improves.

The coin’s price has recovered from its low point, nearly recouping its January price loss in the first week. The industry’s attention is focused on the recently revealed Cardano protocol change.

Cardano’s Price Is Beginning to Recover

Crypto analyst and trader Jason Pizzino has laid out his estimate for Cardano (ADA), the 7th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, as the market shows signs of recovery.

In a new strategic video, Pizzino cautioned his loving YouTube audience that if Cardano (ADA) crosses the $1.40 price barrier from a low of $1.07, it might be entering the bull territory.

The trader anticipates ADA to surge above $1.60 shortly but warns that there may be some short-term losses along the way.

The analyst made the following observation:

We’d like to see ADA get to this position so that it can match the previous ‘up’ range. It’s practically the same as going to a market and looking at gears.

To see what the smart money is doing, we want to see the market hit or extend the up ranges it formed throughout the collapse.

You can see that more people are buying, and the price ranges are widening, so you can almost assume or expect the market to grow from there since strength is returning to the market.

The ‘up’ ranges are getting larger, and the current price of ADA over the US dollar is at $1.40.

It’s getting close to the 50% mark of $1.60, as well as the prior high of $1.64.

There are a few minor levels on the way up that could prompt little short-term reversals. However, if that happens, you can be confident the market will stay strong as long as the lows are sustained…

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