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According to Trader Lukas Moore, Cardano (ADA) will be parabolic in 2022. He outlines Cardano‘s history before discussing why now is an excellent time to invest in the asset.

First, he claims that the Cardano ecosystem has enormous promise for 2022. As a result, he advises traders to plan for a better future. Indeed, he identifies some opportunities that will arise in the Cardano ecosystem in the following year.

The article goes on to list all of 2021’s highs. This year, there have been a lot of new advancements. Solana’s layer-2 project, meme money growth, and metaverse projects’ emergence are just a few examples.

The fact that Cardano launched smart contracts is, nonetheless, one of the most significant advances. Users in the ecosystem will be able to accomplish more with the platform due to this. Nonetheless, the network’s growth is significantly slower than anticipated by investors.

This is why some enterprises and investors are shifting their focus to ecosystems like Solana and others. On the other hand, True Cardano devotees are remaining put and waiting for Cardano to take off. Because Cardano has adopted a more intellectual approach, this is the case.

To avoid rushing the project and dealing with missteps, the project progresses gently and gradually toward fulfilling established goals. So far, the team has met every deadline it has set and hasn’t let anyone down.

As a result, even though the build-up to the final stage is slow, it is still on schedule, strong, and secure. Not to mention that the community is continually expanding, with more and more projects joining the platform.

Smart contracts can now be deployed on Cardano, thanks to the launch of the Alonzo mainnet. As a result, folks with technical development skills are beginning to build Cardano projects. This process will become increasingly easier as more mainnet upgrades are completed, and more users will deploy their projects.

This expert, in particular, is hedging his bets in this way. He ends the piece by stating his intention to invest in small-cap Cardano projects. According to him, Cardano will become a bull market in 2022 because there are many short-term profits to be earned.

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