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Blue Monster Games, a blockchain gaming studio, has announced the acquisition of Citadel Studios, an independent game developer, in a move that will promote the development of Web3 games.

The team behind the popular Legends of Aria, a 2019 sandbox MMORPG game, will join Blue Monster Games in a move that will bring a well-known gaming studio to the Web3.

Web 3 is the next step in the evolution of the Internet. It aspires to be more decentralized, giving content creators more authority. However, it is still in the works.

Once approved, this agreement aims to “metaversify” AAA games using NFTs and in-game token currencies.

Realms of Ethernity, a game created by Blue Monster Games, will set the groundbreaking concept. Players can buy plots in the MMO metaverse game to eventually create territory and protect themselves.

Citadel will add metaverse components to existing games before adding them to the Realms of Ethernity universe to expand the metaverse.

Blue Monster Games co-founder Joseph Rubin stated that they would incorporate metaverse aspects into their existing games, which will become fully integrated into the Realms of Ethernity metaverse.

Blue Monster games will have full access to Citadel’s Shards Engine, a high-performance 3D engine for MMORPGs, resulting from the acquisition. Using the Lua programming language, developers will be able to create add-ons and mods for any Shards-based game.

According to the release, Derek Brinkmann, the founder of Citadel, will join Blue Monster as CTO.

He said:

“I founded Citadel Studios to allow gamers to create stories in authentic and living virtual worlds.”

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