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Bitcoin (BTC) has not only made history as the first and biggest digital currency in the world today but as the most innovative financial innovation of the 21st Century. From the overview of its price growth to the growing adoption by both retail and institutional investors, Bitcoin has helped in birthing a digital money era that has ushered in decentralized finance and other monetary innovations.

Bitcoin versus Mainstream Investment Asset: Overview of Decade Long Growth

While Bitcoin was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto as digital money, its inherent nature to surge in value has given it a whole new use case as an investment asset. What this means is that people now buy Bitcoin to store value, as well as to preserve wealth in the face of pervasive inflationary threats.

According to a recent update shared by Charlie Bilello, the Founder, and CEO of Compound Capital Advisors who compared the 10-year growth rate of Bitcoin with other Wall Street assets. Per his update, Bitcoin has printed more than a 994,608% growth when compared to the next best ranking stock, Tesla (TSLA), an electric motor maker with a 15,200% growth surge. 

Total Returns over the last 10 Years…
Bitcoin $BTC: +994,608%
Tesla $TSLA: +15,200%
NVIDIA $NVDA: +6,053%
Netflix $NFLX: +2,337%
Amazon $AMZN: +1,427%
Microsoft $MSFT: +1,280%
Apple $AAPL: +1,112%
Google $GOOGL: +937%
S&P 500 $SPY: +344%
Bonds $AGG: +35%
Gold $GLD: -6%
Next 10?

— Charlie Bilello (@charliebilello) September 19, 2021

The outperformance of Bitcoin as seen above saw a significant decline with the world’s largest asset by market capitalization, Gold recording a retrogressive growth of 16% for the 10 year period.

In terms of price projections, Bitcoin saw a growth of $115 back in 2013, to the $47,582.29 it is currently trading at today. The cryptocurrency recorded an All-Time High (ATH) of $64,863.10 back in April of this year. 

Expectations for the Coming Decade

Bitcoin to the amazement of Satoshi and the early adopters has been a massive success story. Despite its impressive outlook, many people are still skeptical about what the future holds for the coin. 

Two sets of schools of thought exist when the debate of what the future holds for Bitcoin is brought up. The first revolves around the fact that the coin has continued to see impressive adoption, even by many firms including Paypal as well as by sovereign nations, as we saw when El Salvador adopted the digital currency as a legal tender back on September 7.

The other school of thought is centered around the suppression of the growth of the digital currency through regulations and the increasing competition in the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. While the former has many believe Bitcoin will break through the $500,000 price point in the medium to long term, a growing number of skeptics believe the coin’s price can trail a bearish path as backed by its extreme volatility.


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