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Lawsuits between Apple and Epic Games, the producer of software and video games like Fortnite, have just come to an end.

On the App Store, disputes and lawsuits arose over in-game in-app purchases. Everyone is aware that Apple receives 30% of all App Store purchases, including in-app purchases. In addition, all payments are processed through the App Store’s infrastructure, which eliminates the possibility of using their payment methods.

In defiance of Apple’s restriction, Epic Games has provided a payment option that permits all in-game revenue to be generated solely through the App Store-independent mobile version of Fortnite. Following this, Apple took a bold stance and deleted Fornite from the App Store entirely.

Furthermore, the confrontation’s plot followed a traditional pattern. The game creator Fortnite has filed a lawsuit against Google. Thus, the long-running legal battle between Apple and Epic Games has come to a natural end.

The court found that Apple’s approach is anti-competitive and that the App Store system cannot be used as the exclusive payment method. The developer also has the right to give users their payment system, according to the court. Epic Games will be able to generate 100% of its revenue thanks to all of these methods.

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