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  • Adobe’s Behance has announced Phantom Wallet support.
  • The primary purpose of this assistance is for folks to highlight their Solana NFTs on their profile.
  • QuickNode, a Solana infrastructure supplier, assisted in developing this functionality with Adobe on Solana.
Behance, Adobe’s most well-known platform for artists and painters, has announced support for Phantom Wallets. This upgrade benefits its users by exhibiting their Solana-based NFTs on their Behance profile.

The corporation revealed its new move in a tweet, in which they quickly described their new choice. Following that, Adobe VP William Allen elaborated.

As the crypto community is well aware, Ethereum NFTs have ruled the world for a long time. However, as NFTs have attracted more people and artists, Solana-based NFTs have proven more successful.

According to studies, one Solana transaction consumes the same energy as two Google searches. As a result, transaction costs for Solana NFTs are believed to be exceptionally cheap compared to other transaction prices, such as Ethereum’s.

It is also demonstrated that a creator may easily mint a 1/1 on Solana utilizing tools like Holaplex and even build up their store. For the most technically savvy, metaplex provides complete technical control.

In other developments, QuickNode, the Web3 developer platform, and Solana, the infrastructure provider, are assisting with developing the new Behance feature, pushing the entire process farther into the future.

Many artists have invested in NFTs rather than their fanbase, NFT enthusiasts, or the crypto community in general. In other words, a brilliant platform like Behance, with its users and followers, can make a significant difference in the NFT sector and the crypto community.

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