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According to a poll performed by Gemini, worldwide interest in cryptocurrency is on the rise.

The cryptocurrency industry has seen a lot of intriguing developments this year, with NFTs growing and Bitcoin reaching a new all-time high in November. Furthermore, a new Gemini analysis reveals that worldwide interest in crypto is fast growing.

Gemini conducted a poll of approximately 30,000 persons in 20 countries. Its most notable conclusion is that 41% of worldwide crypto owners bought their first cryptocurrency last year. In several nations, the proportion of first-time purchasers exceeded 50%. Even those who do not possess cryptocurrencies are becoming more interested in purchasing them.

Furthermore, 41% of those who did not possess cryptocurrency said they were interested in learning more about it and planned to buy digital assets this year. The crypto gender divide may be closing since women made up 47 percent of those interested in investing in 2022.

The survey also revealed that nations with significant inflation are more likely to adopt cryptocurrencies. This was most certainly a role in the influx of new users into the cryptocurrency market last year.

When it comes to worries that keep individuals from investing, many are concerned about the cryptocurrency market’s volatility and security. When asked what would make people feel more at ease when buying cryptocurrencies, many said they would appreciate more educational resources on the subject.

Cryptocurrency has a sliver of a chance of becoming the future currency. This notion is particularly popular among responders from nations where long-term hyperinflation has occurred. Crypto is viewed as a store of wealth worldwide, with the great majority of crypto purchasers claiming to be in it for the long term.

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